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bookkeeping for gyms

It messes with your bottom line and could get you into trouble with the IRS later. A recurring billing system will bill each of your members the same amount each month. You’ll always get your money unless their card gets declined. If you’re scared you won’t be able to keep up with your receipts, there are different programs that can do it for you. Not everything comes out perfectly, you’ll want to check your 1099-K forms for accuracy before you report them on your taxes.

  • Cash is hard to track and can lead to a lot of questions if you were to get audited by the IRS.
  • You see, not being able to have the basics of bookkeeping down for your business is a whole lot like curling in the squat rack.
  • Having a record of your accounts receivable allows you to easily track when someone owes you money.
  • How to maximize the benefits of Profit First at your gym.
  • It is possible for cards to get declined or someone to be late on a payment.

Inevitably, these dedicated gym owners burn out and quit or have to leave the business to find other ways to support their families. As you are moving to the cloud and becoming a modern day company, now is the time to also ditch the paper. There is no reason to hold on to paper receipts for years when you can simply take a picture of it and upload it online for storage. There is even software like Hubdoc and Receipt Bank that allows you to upload receipts directly into your accounting software. Ditching the paper allows for a much cleaner, easy-to-find, bookkeeping environment.

Looking for better gyms software?

Business owners who are tired of sitting at a desk and ready to get back to what they enjoy most. Maintaining your inventory records helps you keep track of any employee theft and merchandise that has gone missing. This leads to errors, such as putting in 1200 instead of 120.

bookkeeping for gyms

To ensure accuracy on your financial statements and ultimately your tax return, we reconcile your accounts. Are you looking for credible bookkeeping services to handle your fitness center finances? Sales – Tracking the revenue you earn from product sales, like smoothies, water bottles or membership dues, helps you gauge business performance in real-time. Keeping the books current will also help you strategize and forecast for the months and years ahead.

Seven Bookkeeping Basics for Gym Owners and Fitness Professionals

We are experts and have combined experience over 35 years in accounting and finance. Rest assured that there is not an accounting issue we have not encountered. By having an accounting professional on your team, you can rest assured that your books are accurate. In addition to that, you’ll have the convenience of a trusted financial advisor in your corner every step of the way. Whether you need help cleaning up monthly financial statements, mapping specific financial goals or something more customized – Healthier Bookkeeping has you covered.

Every time you sell a product or service, an invoice is automatically created fulfilling all legal and accounting requirements. Your clients then receive the invoice via email directly after their purchase. By signing up you agree to receive daily blog updates about gym ownership.

Bookkeeping for Gyms

When it comes to gym memberships, drop-in fees, and merchandise purchases, it can be hard to keep track of all your income sources. By using gym management software, like Gymdesk, you can easily access all of this information. Setting a budget for your gym expenses is imperative to make sure that you are spending your money wisely. It can be very easy to think you are making plenty of income and not spending that much when you aren’t tracking the actual numbers. Having a record of your accounts receivable allows you to easily track when someone owes you money. It is possible for cards to get declined or someone to be late on a payment.

  • While many new business owners do not collect a salary when their gym first opens, you should be prepared for when your business allows it.
  • We are a team of bookkeepers passionate about gyms and the fitness industry.
  • Our bookkeeping services range depending on the size & intricacies of your business.
  • When properly implemented, the Profit First approach can completely change the way you think about gym bookkeeping and ensure your business becomes strong and stable.

A financially healthy fitness club requires a healthy fiscal routine established in discipline and routine. Like a personal trainer, an outsourced controller services and bookkeeper for fitness and sports can give you the expertise and structure expected to keep your finances in shape. Saving receipts and invoices provide detail beyond that of the bank statement.

Manage on your own or give access to your accountant

Your gym, spa or salon business needs health & fitness accounting. Your industry is specialized and there are specific rules and considerations you must legally go by. You need accounting services that serve your particular needs. In addition to being a health & fitness professional, you are a business owner. And all business owners need their accounting in order to make the best decisions for their companies.

This is where we’ll keep track of your daily income vs. expense transactions. Banks have different rates and stipulations for personal versus business loans. Not only will you always know how many items you have on hand, but you can also track trends. It is helpful to know which beverage flavors are your members’ favorites and which apparel sizes sell out the fastest. While you hope to avoid it, theft is also a potential issue that can be quickly noticed when inventories are kept up to date.

Your accounts receivable are any monies owed to you that you have not received yet. If you are using automatic billing, you know when you will receive the dues and how much you will receive. The Business side of Coaching is a course designed specifically with powerlifting coaches in mind to help them navigate the various accounting and tax demands of running a coaching business.

How to do bookkeeping for gym?

  1. Keep Everything Organized.
  2. Keep Any of Your Personal Finances Separate.
  3. Use Cloud Software.
  4. Go Paperless.
  5. Keep Every Receipt.
  6. Set Up Recurring Billing.
  7. Reconcile Your Bank Statements.
  8. Perform a Self-Audit.






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