Learn the Best Compliments in Spanish for Any Occasion

Or, when you’re seated face to face during candlelight dinner. Before you describe his eyes, make sure you really know about them. Don’t mention the wrong color shape or lid type when you try being specific. If you don’t know exactly, avoid mentioning them. Though his eyes can be a great topic to applaud him on, it can become an equally risky subject.

So, give him the compliment when it’s just the two of you and when he seems loosened up. Perhaps give it over a beer or while hanging out and relaxing.

No, I think it is because men are socialized to shut down their emotions and to silence their needs. It means that they never ask for help, even when they are scared or overwhelmed. And, sadly, it also means that they hardly ever get compliments. Guys don’t learn how to communicate the same way that women do, so they don’t tend to offer words of support and encouragement to their buddies .

  • Yes, this may work for some men who are very particular about being clean and well put together.
  • It’s every guy’s dream to hear these words from a girl.
  • These vary heavily depending on what stage of the relationship you’re in – common sense wins the day here.
  • One of the best compliments for a man who kisses you like it’s your last kiss.

How to compliment a guy is a common confusion among most of the girls but being truthful and not going overboard are important. Make sure your emotions and words are in check while trying to impress your man over text or face-to-face. Highlight the standout features in his personality, behavior, or nature and ensure your compliment sounds organic and heartfelt rather than generic.

The eyes say a lot about a person, and this compliment works on us as well as the ladies. Ladies are certainly no exception. Some of the best compliments for women are Swedish brides focused here, but there is a caveat. These vary heavily depending on what stage of the relationship you’re in – common sense wins the day here. Chocolate is the way to a woman’s heart, but for men, complimenting their hair is one way to their hearts. When a guy gets that new cut or even colour, the first thing he wants is the reassurance that you like it because he’s self-conscious, too.

How to Give Compliments for Men

In bed, if you praise your man, it boosts his ego and helps him perform really well. Many scream out the usual “harder” and “more” to turn on their partners, but that shows you’re not satisfied yet. No, don’t instantly tell him he was kind every time they do a good deed. He’ll feel uncomfortable and even hate that you’re like a surveillance camera. Instead, every day, tell him one good thing to make him look forward to more.

Well, the caring men do, for sure. If a man cares about you, he will reach you from any place and at any time to message you. Seeing you at the end of the day makes my life much better instantly. Keep a great relationship, learn to be always inspiring and loving. Let your man know that meeting him was one of the best things that ever happened to you.

It’s a really simple way of making him feel great without having to outright compliment him. Mentioning feeling secure and safe around your man is the perfect way to compliment him. As traditional “breadmakers,” men emotionally concern more about personality relative to appearance. While women show similar reaction to personality- and appearance-oriented evaluations they feel happier than men when praised of appearance. Overall, these findings suggest that appropriately gendered selection of topics in evaluation-based discourse may facilitate social interactions. To compliment men, personality is a better choice than appearance whereas caution should be exercised in criticizing it. Note that all these effects were not confounded by emotional intensity across different comment types and targets where there were no variations in arousal.


If you’re going to compliment a woman on her appearance, your best bet is to keep it above the neck and avoid more overtly sexual words. Are you tired of trying to think of the best compliments for online dating? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Such compliments are only okay for personal and social lives. If you’re not familiar or they don’t consent, don’t touch him. You can’t touch a man or a woman without their permission… Even if you don’t have any ill intentions, that’s basic manners everyone must know. Men may not have too many ways to deck up like women, but they put their all into what they’re born with – their hair. Though they don’t ask around if a haircut suits them, they put in lots of effort before they choose one.






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